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Kwazulu Natal South Coast - Ultimate Holiday Destination

Friday, November 9, 2012 1 comments
The Kwazulu Natal South Coast is South Africa's coastal playground.

Each summer many thousands of families migrate from the inland cities of South Africa and the cold northern hemisphere to this sunshine coast with its many quaint coastal villages dotted every few kilometres.
South African schools close for the summer holidays from early December to mid-January and again in April. While there is 24/7 action at these times (great for teenagers and young couples) my preference for visiting this coast is May/June when the humidity dies down, the crowds have gone and prices are negotiable.
The Kwazulu Natal south coast is a fun place and activities abound all year-round for those looking for action. Or you can just relax.
Why do thousands of international holiday makers fly to this fairly remote part of the globe, the Kwazulu Natal south coast for a few weeks each year?
• For the 250 days of guaranteed sunshine every year
• White sandy shores of secluded beaches
• Moderate temperatures all year-round
• Warm waters of the Indian ocean
• Great facilities for young and old, families and singles
• Awesome accommodation options
• Tasty local, Indian and international cuisine
• Away from the maddening crowds
• Friendly, interesting and accommodating locals
• Most importantly the cost of a holiday on the Kwazulu Natal south coast. The innkeeper in this neck of the woods is a canny operator and obviously wants to see his facility full of happy guests. You or your tour operator can negotiate excellent rates for just about any type of accommodation from world-class luxury hotels to modern, clean and tastefully designed self-catering cottages right on the beach.
Spending a Kwazulu Natal south coast holiday on the beach every day is magic but a day or two driving through the interior of this fascinating region of South Africa will give you a wider impression of what "a world in one country" looks like.


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